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We partner with our regional communities to create a sustainable education-to-employment system. Our program for Career Assessment is designed to enhance an individual's career path, help make effective career decisions, and provide emotional and technical support to achieve career changes and life professional goals.


What does your work mean to you?

Is it a job, are you an employee, or do you have a profession? At some stage of everyone's life, one has to decide which one of these three alternatives is their relationship to work. Having a career is the only portable one of these three alternatives.

At Sustainable Resources Institute, we will work with you to find the best training programs in your geographic region to help you find a career or make a career change.


Career Assessment Program

Before an individual can make a successful career change, it is important to identify personal skills and capabilities that will transfer to a new occupation.

What makes a successful employee?

People who possess the follow capabilities, sensibilities, and characteristics:

*Business Technologies: specific skills that you possess that will help the company make money.

*Team Participation: Specific capabilities that help you work with a variety of people, relate to authority, manage time, organize space, control impulses, and adapt to a variety of business cultures.

*Work Ethics: Simply stated your ability to get the job done.

Did you ever wonder how the employer will make the decision to hire you? Most likely these are the three characteristics they are looking for.