What is commercialization?

"It is the introduction of new or modified products to new and existing markets while at the same time, it is markets being introduced in the form of specifications, want and needs to research and development."

The major reason why technology-based innovations never go beyond the concept stage, there isn’t any market. And the reason problems go unsolved, sales and marketing people are untrained to see them and technical departments are not organized to respond with urgency. The commercialization process fulfills this nitch by providing technical market-driven approaches to product development and market fulfillment.


One of our concerns:

"For the past 10,000 years, innovations in agriculture have primarily focused on crop
production for food and fibers. Only recently, has agriculture been identified as a source of
energy. Yet to be discovered, is agriculture as a renewable resource of complex organic molecules as replacements for petrolatum gas feed stocks used by chemical, plastics, and rubber industries. In terms of Ohio’s economic future, what is at stake is the largest component of Ohio’s economy. . . . http://www.nwohiogreenproducts.org/


Making the connection between "Green" technology and your products may be a sustainable solution for your product lines, our economy, your company, and our workforce. For most small companies, most of their productive resources are tied up with today's businesses. Consider Sustainable Resources Institute as another "pair of hands" helping you and your organization. Making changes to existing product lines, finding new markets, or introducing new processes generally requires additional human, technical, and financial resources.

What we can do for you?

*Participate in the generation of ideas: Cross pollination between the market, R & D, and your business team.
*Coordinate the technical feasibility and proof-of-concept study for various companies in the region. 
*Complete the assessment of the technology for its business and market potential. Typically, such expertise does not reside at the university or research institutes.
*Find commercial partners. Sometime the easiest way to success is with partnerships.
*Cost is the single most important issue that drives commercialization forward. Provide risk analysis and other forms of decision-making tools. We can help you answer questions like "should we go to market or wait until we get more information to better understand the risks of moving forward?"
*Develop the Business Plan that considers methods of financing, partnering, or joint-venturing.
*Life-cycle thinking. Show company various route to improving their market position or cost structure by applying green technology.


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